Project-Based Manufacturing

As a project-based manufacturer, you produce complex products that require long build times, expensive materials and a highly skilled workforce. You need to calculate and track actual costs, statistics and variances in multiple views while maintaining detailed cost element data to enhance profitability. ImpactECS leverages your existing ERP, financial, operations and legacy systems to give you mission critical solutions.

Industry Sectors

Aircraft & Aircraft Parts
Military Vehicles
Space Systems
Weapons Systems
Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)


With ImpactECS, you can:

  • Calculate the specific cost of inputs (materials and labor) and allocate overhead costs by work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Manage indented Bills of Material (BOMs) that maintain cost element detail as WIP items are consumed
  • Improve visibility of transfer pricing to protect margins between divisions
  • Account for losses throughout the manufacturing process by factoring sub-items to the ultimate end item
  • Maintain multiple BOMs simultaneously to provide cost views from different time periods and based on different assumptions
  • View, analyze and report results at any data level (Company, Division, Plant, Cost Center, Program, WBS, Component, Production Order or Cost Element)
  • View complete cost breakdown of material, labor, overhead and statistics at any data level
  • Expose and analyze operational variances at both the cost and statistical levels and between various BOMs
  • Isolate costs and statistics at multiple levels within BOMs
  • Rapidly develop estimates for future projects using planned, actual, projected results and current operating budgets
  • Perform internal and government audits to meet regulatory and compliance requirements

ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling platform that gives you access to the accurate and detailed cost and profitability results critical to guiding your business.

Solutions for Project-Based Manufacturing Companies:

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