Project Overview – Clearwater Paper

About Clearwater Paper:

• $1.89 billion in sales (2013 estimate)
• Producer of pulp, paperboard, lumber and tissue products
• ImpactECS customer since 2011
• Current JDEdwards (ERP) and Pi (MES) customer

How Clearwater uses ImpactECS:

Calculating standard and actual costs by grade was the main focus of the ImpactECS implementation at Clearwater.  With ImpactECS, the Clearwater team is able to gain access to:

• Detailed standard cost and actual costs by paper machine and grade for multiple production locations
• Variance reports comparing standard and actual costs for extruder machines
• Calculations of furnish and chemical (raw material) usage based on a forecasted production plan
• Calculated profitability by paper grade by comparing invoice data to standards
• Scenario analysis that trends run costs and performs direct comparisons between runs


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