Project Overview – Fairchild Semiconductor

About Fairchild Semiconductor:

• $1.41 billion in sales (2013 estimate)
• One of the world’s oldest semiconductor fabricators
• ImpactECS customer since
• Current Peoplesoft (ERP) and Workstream (MES) customer

How Fairchild Semiconductor uses ImpactECS:

By selecting ImpactECS, Fairchild moved from a reactionary to proactive approach to costing and profitability by creating exposure to the true costs of manufacturing their products.  With ImpactECS, Fairchild’s team gained access to:

• Detailed actual costing using ABC methodology to get accurate, granular product costs for each unique SKU
• Alignment of costing rules for six different fabrication plants to drive consistency
• Product line profit & loss statements based on actual unit costs
• Developed standard machine hour rates for each product
• Improved allocation process to trace spending from MED to product P&L
• Increased visibility into cost drivers through process cost drill-down into direct spending line items


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