Project Overview – MGA Entertainment

About MGA Entertainment:

Large US-Based Toy Manufacturer
Annual Revenue: $550 Million
Year Founded: 1979
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
ERP: Legacy Systems
ImpactECS customer since 2017

Before ImpactECS:

Existing Quoting and Cost Estimating Process – Disjointed process created internal and external challenges

• Spreadsheet-based RFQ process multiple versions of vendor quotes using different templates and data points
• Manual quote comparison process led to long, inefficient design and estimating processes
• Inaccurate and untrusted cost estimates due to outdated requirements, rates, and experience of the estimator
• Organizational structure created data silos with no visibility across teams
• Reduced negotiation power with vendors because of inaccurate quotes and estimates

How MGA Entertainment uses ImpactECS:

Design Process

• Update centralized master data set (plastic resin, fabric, electronics, metal, purchased parts, machines,
labor, and packaging) including internal prices and rates created for each season and region
• Access current design specs in real-time to track changes at all versions and levels
• Capture and track changes to master data, BOM and cost estimates with time stamp and user information

Cost Estimating Process

• Maintain standard BOMs per toy for internal teams and vendors
• Convert currencies and units-of-measure automatically
• Duplicate and update pre-existing assortments to create future generations of toys


• Generate reports at each critical decision-making level (individual cost sheet, component cost, cost
summary, and corporate)
• Access dashboards for quick access to quote and cost estimate details for open RFQs

Workflow and Information Sharing

• Facilitate communications between internal groups with standardized approval and communication process
• Leverage RFQ data to improve vendor negotiations and performance

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