The ImpactECS Enterprise Platform is a dynamic cost and profitability system designed to meet the needs of executives, business managers, and analysts. Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution or a service-oriented industry, ImpactECS provides the platform for you to build, run and maintain models unique to your business requirements.

We’ve combined all of the things you love about building spreadsheet models (flexibility, end-user driven) with the features and functionality of a robust financial system (integration, scalability, security, sharing) so you can rapidly implement a costing system that fits your organization’s exact needs.

With over 600 installations worldwide at some of the world’s most recognizable companies, the ImpactECS Enterprise Platform delivers the best of both worlds – a packaged software solution that is completely configurable to meet your specific business needs.

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Meet ImpactECS
Robust and Integrated Modeling Platform

ImpactECS delivers the power to build cost and profitability models that are flexible enough to handle your unique business requirements. By integrating with existing systems – ERP, Finance, Operations, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses and others – ImpactECS models handle all of your analytics and planning processes in a single environment.

The platform, powered by our proprietary calculation engine, handles tens of thousands of line items much faster than any home-grown or spreadsheet tool.  And the integrated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools make it possible to seamlessly move data between ImpactECS and other systems.

Integrated Simulation Capabilities

Understanding the past is important, but insight into how changes will affect your company’s future financial performance is significantly more valuable. With ImpactECS, you can create simulation models that reside on the platform using all the same logic and source data as the system of record to accurately calculate forecasted outcomes from changing variables or business conditions.

Customizable Interfaces

Create role-based user interfaces that directly support your business processes. From start pages and workflows to simulators and data management tools, ImpactECS’ flexibility allows you to create business applications that are completely defined by your requirements.

Reporting and Data Visualization

ImpactECS offers a host of reporting and data visualization options to view and share model data. Ad hoc charts and graphs and available at every level of detail and standard reporting tools are integrated to build formal reports. The Microsoft Excel® Add-in makes it easy to export and import model data and built-in dashboard designer gives you the tools to expose top-line results with drill-down capabilities for more detailed root cause analysis.

Deployment Options

The ImpactECS Enterprise Platform offers two deployment options – a traditional on-premise deployment and cloud access of hosted ImpactECS models.  Hosted solutions are supported on wide-area networks and both private and public cloud servers.

About the Technology

ImpactECS is comprised of two core modules – the Enterprise Server and the Enterprise Desktop Client. The Enterprise Server is the heart of ImpactECS and is a multi-threaded server application that utilizes multiple processors simultaneously to deliver the highest performance available. It houses our proprietary calculation engine that performs basic mathematical operations, complex scientific functions and conditional logic. The Desktop Client serves as the primary interface to build and maintain models, generate reports, and run scenarios.

Additional modules and functionality, including the Web Client, Microsoft® Excel Add-In, SAP Data Integration Module, and the Import/Export Wizard, are also available to enhance the user experience and streamline your costing and profitability analytics processes.

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