Cost-Based Quoting

For complex manufacturing and engineered products companies, the quoting process starts with a product that does not exist. For others driven by launching new products, evaluating costs during product development is critical to making portfolio decisions.

Today’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools assume that every possible option, material or feature already exists and has a price. But to enable a quoting process that delivers real, actionable cost and profit information, the solution is Cost-Based Quoting powered by ImpactECS.

Cost-Based Quoting is more that just workflow used by the sales team.  It supports all three phases of the quoting process: inventing the product, costing and pricing the product, and presenting the quote and tracking its performance. In addition, the CBQ process is accompanied by an overarching management and control system that provides workflow, approval, oversight, and analysis of the process. Ultimately, a properly executed CBQ process brings consistency, accuracy, and speed to the effort.

ImpactECS enables Cost-Based Quoting

ImpactECS links detailed BOM and routing data, sourcing and vendor data, and other relevant expenses, creating a powerful analysis and simulation platform that provides meaningful results both to guide negotiations with customers and to monitor cost and profit performance of ongoing or long-term agreements.  Connect ImpactECS with CRM solutions like, Microsoft Dynamics, and others, to create a fully-integrated quoting process.



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