Costing + Cost Management:
Post Production + Logistics Costing

When a finished product rolls off the assembly line, the accumulation of costs does not stop there.  Determining the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for your products is only one component of product costing. The activities to make your product available on the market – further processing costs, packaging costs, and logistics and freight costs  – can add significant pressure on margin performance, and require just as much attention as manufacturing costs.

Total Manufacturing Costs - COGS + Overhead + Post-Production

Making informed decisions requires an end-to-end model that includes the direct and variable costs associated with making products, the overhead costs and expenses that support manufacturing, and those post-production costs to transform your finished goods into deliverable products.  ImpactECS provides a flexible modeling platform to calculate and simulate post-production costs to gain deeper insights into product and customer profitability.

Determine true total manufacturing costs with ImpactECS

  • Calculate logistics costs: Generate and compare costs by flow or distribution path including costs from freight, handling, and warehouse activities.
  • Model third-party costs: Simulate and compare costs of toll processing, further processing, and packaging by product or customer.

  • Evaluate customer profitability: Combine COGS with post-production costs and revenue data for a complete view of profits by customer or channel.

#CostTalk Webinar:
Profitability Beyond Gross Margin

Whether you move products to your own facilities or run distribution channels that move goods to customer, recent events have shown how quickly supply chains can become disrupted and customer behaviors can change. Often companies are challenged with understanding costs below the gross margin line and miss opportunities to create profits, avoid losses, or compare scenarios to make the best decision. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of costs beyond COGS and how the affect product and customer profitability.


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