Webinar: The Costs, Prices, and Profits of “Something New”

From developing new products to responding to customer quote requests, successful organizations require a true representation of the expected costs, prices and profits as well as a methodology to evaluate performance along the way. The session will highlight methods of combining existing ERP data with new information and assumptions to ensure the project is successful, including:

Register for a live, interactive webinar with 3C Software Solution Leader, Adrian Rochofski, covering:

Defining the steps, stakeholders, and data needed to calculate costs, establish prices, and determine profits of new endeavors

Discovering the information, data sources, and technology needed to create an integrated costing/pricing/profitability process

Exploring the strategic implications of implementing a comprehensive approach to costing and profitability analytics in the new product/new quote environment

Join us on Wednesday, April 25th @ 2:00pm Eastern

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