Get accurate cost estimates and become more profitable with each quote.

Cost Estimator gives manufacturers and suppliers the ability to calculate every cost - materials, labor, equipment, packaging, freight, and general expenses - for each quote you deliver. Powered by the leading enterprise cost platform, ImpactECS, the Cost Estimator reduces the risk of losing money by providing accurate cost insights.

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Standardize and Centralize Your Cost Estimating Process

Eliminate the risk associated with spreadsheet processes to estimate costs. Whether it's landed cost calculations for offshore goods, logistics and shipping costs for items purchased locally, or products you manufacture right on your factory floor, Cost Estimator is the application for companies that want a more accurate and efficient way to calculate costs and profits.

Create Quotes

Use quotes to manage the new projects, deals, customers, or products that require cost data. Include price and volume details to calculate margins by quote and item.

Calculate Costs

Establish a central source of cost data in your organization. Then, assign cost attributes and rules to calculate the unique materials, labor, packaging, freight, equipment, and expense costs of each item you make or sell.

Access Results

Sort and filter data using the advanced grid functionality. Also, integrated dashboards and reports consolidate cost data and grid views are easily exported to Microsoft Excel.

Better profits with every deal you win!

Learn how better cost insights can help your company maximize profits.

3C Software works with finance leaders at companies from a wide range of manufacturing verticals to establish product cost and profitability practices.

The suite of ImpactECS products supports both mid-size and large enterprises focused on growing profits through effective costing programs.

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