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ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling and analytics platform that connects data with your business rules to provide answers to the tough questions. Companies use ImpactECS to calculate product costs and profitability, generate quotes and estimates, determine the cost to serve customers, analyze supply chain performance, and more. Expand your team’s ability to build an analytics process that works the way you do.

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The Cost Management Ecosystem is a business concept and modeling framework that defines the data relationships, establishes their connections, and explains their purpose. Experience our interactive framework that many finance teams have leveraged to implement a fully-integrated analytics processes. The Ecosystem helps teams use data and define rules to predict future scenarios and analyze past performance.

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Webinar: Cost-Based Quoting for New Products
From developing new products to responding to customer quote requests, successful organizations require a true representation of the expected costs, prices, and profits as well as a methodology to evaluate performance along the way.

April 24, 2019 | 2:00pm Eastern | Register Now!



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