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Cost answers impact every phase of your business.

To run a scalable, agile, and growing business, you must invest in analytics processes that improve the outcomes of your company’s most critical decisions. With a deep understanding of costs for each activity that makes your company go, you can establish an objective and accurate view of your company’s performance to both improve trust in the results and create accountability for the answers.

Get Deep Cost and Profit Insights Across the Value Chain with ImpactECS

Cost of Sales Terms

Align discounts, rebates, and trade investments to specific products and customers in order to enhance gross margin analysis and optimization. With ImpactECS, you can evaluate the cost impact of sales terms by customer and product – and optimize rebates, allowances, promotional spending, and other investments for those groups to get a clearer understanding of the expenses generated on the journey from gross sales to net sales.

Cost to Source + Procure

Calculate the costs of materials, supplies, and other sourced items for the goods you expect to make. Before any goods or services are produced and delivered, ImpactECS can help you identify opportunities to reduce the overall of cost by evaluating item costs across vendors, calculate landed material costs for components, commodities, and raw materials, and improve communications and negotiations with suppliers.

Cost to Make

Determine the detailed cost of every unique product you make to inform operational decisions that impact profits. Calculate detailed cost answers at the most relevant level of detail, at the unique SKU, work-in-process, or subassembly level; run scenarios to evaluate the cost impact of changing material, labor, or overhead costs; and create context for cost results by incorporating volume and mix data.

Cost to Move

Gain insight into the cost of your logistics network and activities to drive efficiencies and productivity. ImpactECS supports evaluating customer ordering patterns to drive efficiencies, benchmark distribution centers to replicate best-in-class processes, and run scenarios to optimize network and product flows.

Cost to Sell + Support

Leverage transparency to selling and support activities to right-size investments in services and resources. With ImpactECS you can assess sales and marketing activities to evaluate investment performance, provide visibility into fully-loaded cost of sales answers, and assign overhead spending to the appropriate business activities, customers, and product.

Decisions + Analysis

Make better decisions with end-to-end visibility of costs and profits. With ImpactECS, you can evaluate scenarios and run simulations to assess the overall impact of changes to how you sell, the products and services you provide, and the support required to make those things happen.

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