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Cost answers impact every phase of your business.

To run a scalable, agile, and growing business, you must invest in analytics processes that improve the outcomes of your company’s most critical decisions. With a deep understanding of costs for each activity that makes your company go, you can establish an objective and accurate view of your company’s performance to both improve trust in the results and create accountability for the answers.

Get Deep Cost and Profit Insights Across the Value Chain with ImpactECS

Cost to Source

Calculate costs of the materials and resources used to make the items you sell.

Cost to Make

Calculate the costs involved in designing, quoting, and manufacturing the items you sell.

Cost to Deliver

Calculate the costs created when moving products and serving customers.

Cost of Terms + Incentives

Calculate the costs of line-item adjustments of gross sales to determine true net sales performance.

End-to-End Cost and Profitability Performance

Combine cost answers with revenue, pricing, and demand information to provide end-to-end visibility of profit performance. Expose the true drivers of cost, equitably assign corporate overhead, and identify margin leaks at every stage of the value chain.

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