Technology Partners


Consulting Partners

BMA Group – Australia

For 25 years BMA Group has partnered with companies like yours to provide trusted business improvement solutions that transform your data assets into your biggest advantage. Our deep experience in costing and profitability, performance management and narrative reporting gives your key decision makers the knowledge and tools to reduce costs, prioritise demand and confidently take your business to the next level.

FTI Consulting

3C Software has partnered with FTI Consulting’s Life Sciences Supply Chain team to provide the cost and profitability modelling and measurement capabilities that support and enable business transformation strategies developed by FTI for their clients. FTI’s Life Science Supply Chain are experts across multiple silos including, but not limited to, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biologics and Contract Manufacturing and have a proven track record of consistently developing and executing client strategies that reduce cost and increase profitability.

Integration Partners

Aurora Predictions

3C Software has partnered with Aurora Predictions to provide an end-to-end supply chain cost and demand forecasting capabilities. Aurora’s LightZ TM intuitive/no-code platform delivers AI enabled automation to planning activities to simultaneously simplify and increase the accuracy of demand forecasts to a SKU-by-SKU basis to inform production and logistics planning. LightZ demand forecasts are paired with human collaboration of future events not known by the data and analytics-driven demand planning signals that’s input into ImpactECS where cost modelling capabilities are applied to deliver timely production and logistics cost and capacity forecasts with reduced error.


QSTRAT Sourcing provides a unified solution for all your sourcing and supplier management needs, including full e-Request for Quote processing, decision support tools, supplier performance management and on-boarding, and more. Built in process automation drives true efficiency improvements while a template-based approach increases standardization and eliminates errors.

Easily integrate QSTRAT with your other business systems for adding newly approved suppliers, generating purchase orders for new solutions or gathering existing pricing for real-time comparison with your market quotes.

Academic Partners

Ecole Polytechnic de Montreal

The NSERC Engineering and Design Chair at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal is a well-respected group of doctoral researchers in the pulp and paper industry. Graduate students studying process integration in the industry are using ImpactECS as a scenario analysis tool in their research.

Partnership Opportunities

Does your software solution help finance, accounting or operations leaders at complex or process manufacturing companies? Our proven platform is designed to integrate with any high-level enterprise or shop floor systems. To learn more about expanding your product offering to include ImpactECS, contact our Partnership Department at 1-800-226-2036 or complete our contact form.


Helping customers develop effective cost management programs requires the right tools and expertise. The ImpactECS suite of cost management products meets the needs of complex or process manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Contact our Partnership Department at 1-800-226-3026 or complete the contact form to learn more about how we work with independent consultants.

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