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The ImpactECS platform enables robust cost and profitability programs at organizations across the globe

We work with teams and leaders across industries who are responsible for cost and profit performance in sourcing, making, delivering, and selling products and services. Our platform – ImpactECS – enables robust cost and profitability programs at organizations across the globe focused on enabling strategies designed to improve their bottom line.

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Customer Story: US Based Aluminum Products Manufacturer

With numerous manufacturing facilities across multiple continents, the metals fabricator was in the all-too-familiar bind of having many disparate finance and operations systems leading to a confused and weakened costing and profitability process. Their existing spreadsheet process lacked granularity and consistency and the four ERP systems made cost data integration challenging. Implementing ImpactECS provided a […]

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Customer Story: US Based Office Supply Distributor

This distribution company launched as a merger of two entities that created a massive organization with over 170 locations across the US. The packaging, publishing, and hygiene product provider needed to retire legacy costing and profitability systems across the newly merged entities and standardize their view of costs. The ImpactECS platform enabled an enterprise view […]

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Customer Story: US Based Protein Processing Company

Protein processing organizations have a unique set of challenges when it comes to costing and determined they needed a costing process that could accomplish four goals: (1) flex to accommodate the dynamics of ever-changing demand and shifting market prices, (2) scale to calculate unique costs for their large catalog of WIP and finished SKUs, (3) […]

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Customer Story: US Based Semiconductor Fabricator

There is a vast and complex range of costing activities semiconductor fabrication organizations require for effective cost calculations. The company, one of the oldest in the US, needed a consistent methodology to calculate standard and actual costs to support all of their facilities and worked in concert with their existing business application environment. They required […]

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Customer Story: US Based Steel Manufacturer

With a limited costing process in place, this US Based steel company was unable to calculate accurate and timely product cost answers at either the product or location level. Limitations with their ERP costing module, led the team to a process heavily burdened with spreadsheets. With constantly shifting market conditions, the lack of visibility into […]

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