Whether your company is an early-stage raw metals producer or a fully fabricated component maker, the ability to calculate detailed cost and profits is necessary to maintain a competitive edge.  ImpactECS connects existing data and systems to calculate detailed product costs and variances, determine profits by product or customer, run simulations for planning, value inventories, or other important analytics activities.

Connect existing data from ERP and finance systems, manufacturing systems, data warehouses, or wherever data lives in your organization with business rules and assumptions to calculate the answers needed to both understand past performance and predict future outcomes with ImpactECS.

With ImpactECS, metals companies can:

  • Build end-to-end cost models from coke to blast furnace, extruding, annealing, pickling, cold rolling, packaging and distribution
  • Calculate blended costs of recycled and raw material inputs by individual product or production run
  • Calculate variances including coil by coil costing and plan versus actual coil cost
  • Analyze multiple scenarios including coke make-or-buy decisions, raw material substitutions, price changes, and line and mill comparisons
  • Amortize unique tool and die setup cost across products manufactured using that configuration
  • Account for yield loss of materials and assign credits due to reuse or sale of waste and scrap
  • Harmonize and view costs across multiple currencies
  • Value inventory using complex FIFO business rules for scrap, fillers and prime