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We work with manufacturers, distributors or services organizations who struggle with getting access to the detailed information needed to make informed decisions.  3C Software’s ImpactECS platform delivers a robust modeling platform designed to help finance organizations connect enterprise data with specific business rules to deliver accurate, actionable, and timely results.

ImpactECS enables finance teams to establish analytics programs for product costing, profitability, cost-to-serve, quoting and estimating, or any complex model without engaging in expensive and time-consuming ERP customization projects or basing strategic decisions on inaccurate and disconnected spreadsheets.  We’ve worked with lots of companies to expand their ability to calculate, analyze, simulate and report meaningful insights that drive better decisions.

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

With ImpactECS, chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies can:

  • Calculate detailed product costs for the same SKU by plant, time period, lot, batch, packaging type or any other variant
  • Calculate line or route specific costs and meaningful blended costs based on the most appropriate driver
  • Manage detailed BOMs or recipes including all variations and substitutions that could drive a different cost
  • Value by-products and co-products and assign cost either by crediting market price or absorbing a percentage of cost to the primary product
  • Analyze multiple cost scenarios based on changes in material, process or equipment, regulation and compliance requirements, shelf life, potency or any other variable
  • Integrate tightly with ERP/finance, shop floor MES and process control systems
  • Capture revenue information to determine product and customer profitability at multiple levels

Industry Sectors

Specialty Chemicals

Life Sciences

Commodity Chemicals

Consumer Products



Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Food & Beverage

With ImpactECS, food and beverage companies can:

  • Calculate unique and detailed plant, department, line or route specific costs and meaningful blended costs for every base, work-in-process and finished SKU
  • Develop costing models that account for live operations (grower and feed mill), disassembly/harvest (finish to green pounds) and finished goods
  • Maintain multiple inventory valuations (i.e. market price, sales price, actual cost) at once
  • Analyze variances between actual cost and multiple standards
  • Capture revenue to determine product profitability by customer or product
  • Build fully-loaded budgets starting with the lowest level of cost detail
  • Manage multiple bill-of-materials and recipes simultaneously to account for regular substitutions, sub-components and different packaging options
  • Analyze scenarios including changing commodity or raw material prices, overhead changes, labor rates, crewing and any other variant

Industry Sectors





Bakery, Grains & Cereal



With ImpactECS, metals companies can:

  • Build end-to-end cost models from coke to blast furnace, extruding, annealing, pickling, cold rolling, packaging and distribution
  • Calculate blended costs of recycled and raw material inputs by individual product or production run
  • Calculate variances including coil by coil costing and plan versus actual coil cost
  • Analyze multiple scenarios including coke make-or-buy decisions, raw material substitutions, price changes, and line and mill comparisons
  • Amortize unique tool and die setup cost across products manufactured using that configuration
  • Account for yield loss of materials and assign credits due to reuse or sale of waste and scrap
  • Harmonize and view costs across multiple currencies
  • Value inventory using complex FIFO business rules for scrap, fillers and prime

Industry Sectors

Primary Metals

Metal Component Fabrication

Metal Recycling

Semiconductors & Electronics

With ImpactECS, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers can:

  • Set standard costs and calculate actual costs for an integrated supply chain (wafer fab, assembly, test, package, and distribution)
  • Evaluate internal and outsourced costs simultaneously to make better sourcing decisions
  • Build budgets and rates using unlimited drivers and different allocation strategies
  • Perform variance analysis on critical data including purchase prices, yields, rework, alternate production paths and absorptions
  • Calculate a true yielded cost at each step to value inventory and identify operational improvements
  • Capture revenue information to determine product and customer profitability at appropriate or available levels
  • Integrate tightly with shop floor MES and process control systems including PROMIS, Workstream and SiView

Industry Sectors

Fully Integrated Fabrication

Contract Fabrication

Test & Assembly

Manufacturing Free/Design


With ImpactECS, distributors can:

  • Calculate transparent, detailed cost and profit results at all levels – corporate, division, channel, customer, product or other segment
  • Analyze scenarios by adjusting or ‘flexing’ any characteristics of the product or customer
  • Calculate costs and profits using a variety of approaches including activity-based costing, time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC), allocations, or any other methodology or hybrid approach
  • Assign costs based on time, consumption, labor, facilities, transportation, customer characteristics, orders, product and vendors
  • Include a variety of revenue and cost-of-goods-sold adjustments such as trade funding in the profit buildup
  • Perform comparative analysis of costs and profits at all levels of the organization
  • Support initiatives like SKU rationalization, cost-to-serve pricing and compliance, menu-based pricing, customer bids and negotiations and vendor negotiations

Industry Sectors



Forest Products

With ImpactECS, paper and forest products companies can:

  • Calculate and maintain grade specific standard and/or actual costs by paper machine
  • Forecast cost, consumption, loading and profitability at the paper machine, mill and enterprise level
  • Analyze operational variances by comparing actual results based on key usage and production statistics from shop floor systems including PI, OptiVision and Elixer
  • Provide end-to-end detailed SKU cost analysis including broke loss, recycled credits, rebates, transfer costs and converting costs
  • Forecast short-term cost and consumption based on machine schedules and long-term demand
  • Estimate the cost of developing new grades based on existing costing methodologies and machine statistics
  • Build end-to-end model of mill from wood yard to finishing and distinct operations analysis including pulp, energy, paper machines and finishing

Industry Sectors

Paper Manufacturing

Market Pulp

Lumber & Mill Products


Project-Based Manufacturing

With ImpactECS, project-based manufacturers can:

  • Calculate the specific cost of inputs (materials and labor) and allocate overhead costs by work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Manage indented Bills of Material (BOMs) that maintain cost element detail as WIP items are consumed
  • Improve visibility of transfer pricing to protect margins between divisions
  • Account for losses throughout the manufacturing process by factoring sub-items to the ultimate end item
  • Maintain multiple BOMs simultaneously to provide cost views from different time periods and based on different assumptions
  • View, analyze and report results at any data level (Company, Division, Plant, Cost Center, Program, WBS, Component, Production Order or Cost Element)
  • View complete cost breakdown of material, labor, overhead and statistics at any data level
  • Expose and analyze operational variances at both the cost and statistical levels and between various BOMs
  • Isolate costs and statistics at multiple levels within BOMs
  • Rapidly develop estimates for future projects using planned, actual, projected results and current operating budgets
  • Perform internal and government audits to meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Industry Sectors

Aircraft & Aircraft Parts

Space Systems


Weapons Systems

Military Vehicles

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Textiles & Apparel

With ImpactECS, textile and apparel manufacturers can:

  • Calculate unique product costs due to SKU explosion based on style, size, color, color groups, packaging options and others
  • Build end-to-end integrated cost buildup from fiber, yarn, dye, creel, warping through cut, sew and finished packaged SKU
  • Calculate detailed product and customer profitability analysis accounting for delivery destinations, shipping modes, currencies and orders
  • Manage costs of internal and outsourced operations simultaneously, including multiple unique costs for a given SKU based on all possible routing combinations

Industry Sectors


Carpet & Flooring


Financial Services & Insurance

With ImpactECS, financial services and insurance companies can:

  • Assign detailed costs based on the consumption of time, labor, facilities and capital, as well as the characteristics of products, services or customers
  • Measure and evaluate profitability at all levels – corporate, product, channel, segment and more
  • Calculate cost and profits using activity-based costing (ABC), time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC), allocations, or any other option or combination
  • Perform comparative analysis of costs and profits at all levels of the organization
  • Analyze scenarios by adjusting or ‘flexing’ any characteristics of the product or customer

Industry Sectors

Retail Banking

Investment Banking



With ImpactECS, healthcare companies can:

  • Calculate detailed costs by medical condition, patient/patient category, provider, procedure, service line, and facility
  • Create scorecards that combine the most critical components of every treatment – outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost
  • Identify which locations, departments or services are profitable
  • Simulate the effects of changing costs of materials and services on overall profitability

Industry Sectors


Physician Groups & Practices

Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories

Plastics, Rubber & Glass

With ImpactECS, plastics, rubber and glass companies can:

  • Calculate detailed product costs for each SKU by plant, time period, lot, batch or any other variant
  • Create dynamic budgets by applying forecasted volume and mix with product and process costs
  • Account for yield loss of raw materials and assign credits due to the reuse or sale of waste or scrap
  • Analyze multiple scenarios including material, process or equipment changes
  • Amortize unique tool and die setup costs across products manufactured using that configuration
  • Integrate tightly with shop floor MES and process control systems
  • Calculate line or route specific costs and meaningful blended costs based on the most appropriate driver
  • Capture revenue information to determine product and customer profitability at multiple levels
  • Track costs associated with virgin materials versus recycled materials
  • Harmonize and view costs across multiple scenarios including material, process or equipment changes

Industry Sectors

Plastic Fabrication


Resin & Synthetic Fiber

Glass, Stone, and Concrete


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