Manage the rules, tools, and data for cost and profitability analysis in one place.

Get the cost answers you need to drive better business performance.

Our mission is helping finance leaders leverage technology to establish a cost culture that connects data, expands insights, creates efficiencies, and builds confidence. ImpactECS by 3C Software offers two technologies designed to meet the needs of companies serious about establishing cost and profitability analytics programs that deliver a competitive advantage.

Enterprise Cost & Profitability Platform

Organizations with complex costing requirements need robust and flexible technology. ImpactECS is a powerful, end-to-end cost and profitability modeling platform configured to handle your unique business rules and requirements.

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ImpactECS Cloud Apps

Companies of all sizes can face big costing and financial analysis challenges that require capabilities beyond spreadsheets or expensive ERP modules. ImpactECS Cloud Apps offer solution-oriented apps to handle a range of finance activities.

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Deliver value through cost and profit data

Forward-looking finance organizations understand is impossible to know your profits without an accurate way to calculate and analyze the costs associated with delivering your goods or services. We’ve got decades of experience helping companies understand their costs and deliver real business value insights from ImpactECS.

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Design analytics processes that fit your industry

We know all companies and industries are not made the same. The unique business process of each organization should define the data and logic required to calculate costs and profits, not the technology. Companies across industries use ImpactECS to establish robust analytics programs that integrates with any IT landscape.

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