ImpactECS Platform

The ImpactECS Enterprise Cost System is a dynamic application that gives finance and operations leaders access to the results that enable you to make better business decisions. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or service provider, ImpactECS offers everything you need to build, run and maintain cost and profit models unique to your business requirements.

We’ve helped some of the world’s most recognizable companies use ImpactECS to build sophisticated cost and profitability models – replacing unwieldy spreadsheets, dated legacy applications and limited ERP systems. ImpactECS combines all of the things you love about building spreadsheet models (flexibility, end-user driven) with the features and functionality of a robust financial system (integration, scalability, security, sharing) so you can rapidly implement a costing system that fits your organization’s exact needs.

With over 600 installations worldwide, ImpactECS delivers the best of both worlds – a robust technology platform with pre-built functionality that connects data across the enterprise and enables completely configurable applications to improve your strategic and operational decisions.

Benefits of using the ImpactECS Enterprise Cost System

  • Highly configurable and flexible: Custom models that are configurable to represent unique business rules and can evolve to support changes in the business.
  • Consistent environment to calculate results: With ImpactECS, companies can enforce common methodologies for calculating costs and profits and have access to a centralized source of data.
  • Easy to use: ImpactECS has a familiar Windows-styled interface and models are maintained by accounting or operations personnel.
  • Fits into any IT architecture:  The client/server technology with web capabilities runs on both Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and easily integrates with ERP, manufacturing execution systems, business intelligence tools, data warehouses, and third-party reporting tools.
  • Security and auditability: Data is stored on protected servers and user-based permissions define who has access to view and modify the model.  Audit files are automatically generated, allowing for companies to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

ImpactECS makes it possible to re-roll any product, post-production, or total delivered cost at any time, providing meaningful and actionable answers based on current business conditions.


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