End-to-End Cost and Profitability Performance
Cost-to-Serve Analysis

Establishing an effective Cost-to-Serve program requires an objective process to measure costs that offer transparency into operational costs and cost drivers associated with your customers, products, and vendors. These insights provide a basis for management consensus and decision-making and are required for organizations focused on profit improvements.

ImpactECS informs cost-to-serve decisions with visibility into cost and profit performance at every level. By establishing profit and loss views for your overall organization, individual departments, territories and regions, customers and customer segments, products and categories, vendors and suppliers, franchises, or any other meaningful dimension, you can identify risks and opportunities across the value chain.

Connect cost data from sources across your business to operational data from your value chain to make better decisions.

Objective measurement of cost and profitability to provide a basis for management consensus and decision-making.

Transparency to operational costs and drivers to inform route-to-market and network design decisions.

End-to-end supply chain cost visibility to identify possible tradeoffs.

Predictive modeling to inform go-to-market and pricing strategies for new and existing products.

ImpactECS informs cost-to-serve decisions with robust costing capabilities and visibility into profit performance at every level

  • Align market and product functional leaders: Provide cost and profit insights to identify and drive improvement opportunities and assess progress against objectives.
  • Determine true cost drivers: Allocate expenses directly to a product, customer, vendor, and order and drill-down to explore cost drivers in order to improve understanding of product and customer profitability.
  • Evaluate profit outcomes: Run scenarios to evaluate the cost impact on changing inputs or variables, make v. buy decisions, and customer and product profitability.
  • Create transparent allocation processes: Evaluate overhead spending with a transparent process to assign costs to the appropriate business activities, customers, and products.

Post-Production and Cost-to-Serve Analytics

With 93% of companies working on ways to get better cost data, you’re likely trying to identify better methods to explore and analyze cost results. Learn how companies leverage data from ERP and other systems to connect product costs and post-production costs to provide visibility into overall profit performance.

Watch this interactive webinar and see examples highlighting the importance of accurately calculating and allocating costs at each post-production stage to unlock true profitability analytics, best practices for identifying drivers, building rates, and allocating overhead costs for post-production and cost-to-serve processes, and insights and advices on how finance teams can establish a robust analytics program to evaluate performance at any business dimension.


Post-Production and Cost-to-Serve Analytics

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