Cost to Source
Subcontractor Manufacturing

For many manufacturers, part or all of the production process is handled by external companies, and control over the processes or costs associated with your goods is limited. On the other side of that same coin, contract or on-demand manufacturers are bound to deliver cost-competitive products that meet the requirements and quality standards of your customer.

The decision to outsource does not automatically mean costs will become lower. ImpactECS supports outsourced manufacturing relationships that promote cost transparency with a shared platform to collect, centralize, and calculate costs. With ImpactECS, you can look beyond the outsourcing bid price and assess all costs associated with maintaining a contract manufacturing relationship.

ImpactECS creates cost transparency with external manufacturing partners

  • Evaluate Make vs. Buy decisions: Leverage detailed pricing and sourcing information to generate and compare cost options and to speed up decisions.
  • Extend cost capabilities to suppliers: Offer vendor access to cost data to improve communication and create more efficient processes.

Product Costing and Scenario Analysis with ImpactECS

Knowing the unique cost of each product you make doesn’t have to become a spreadsheet exercise. Learn the questions to consider when evaluating your product costing program, and see the benefits of an integrated product costing platform that connects data and systems with your unique business rules.


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