Cost to Deliver
Selling + Support Costs

Leverage transparency of selling and support activities to right-size investments in services and resources. With ImpactECS you can assess sales and marketing activities to evaluate investment performance, provide visibility into the fully-loaded cost of sales answers, and assign overhead spending to the appropriate business activities, customers, and products.

Many companies employ a shared services approach to keep business units focused on their core competencies. A big challenge with this approach is making sure shared services costs charged to business units, customers, or products are equitable, accurate, transparent, and predictable.

Whether you assign costs based on cost centers, fixed rates, volumes, market prices, or a cost-plus approach, the goal is to create accountability and encourage departments and teams to make smart decisions that improve overall performance. ImpactECS accurately models the complex provider-consumer relationship and allocates costs based on measurable and controllable drivers.

Know the costs to support your customers with ImpactECS

  • Calculate the cost of the sales force: Calculate detailed costs for each activity and assign them to specific business units, products, or customers to create transparency in shared services spending.
  • Determine customer service and shared services costs: Align support and shared services costs with the right customers and products and build Service-Level Agreements (SLA) based on accurate cost data.
  • Enable continuous improvement programs: Gain insights into the non-direct activities and costs associated with products and customers to identify improvement opportunities.

Profitability Beyond Gross Margin

Whether you move products to your own facilities or run distribution channels that move goods to customer, recent events have shown how quickly supply chains can become disrupted and customer behaviors can change. Often companies are challenged with understanding costs below the gross margin line and miss opportunities to create profits, avoid losses, or compare scenarios to make the best decision.


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