Product costing is central to the critical decisions manufacturers make every day - the products you make, the prices you charge, the tactics you implement to improve processes, and the strategies used to achieve the company's goals. Timely access to meaningful cost data is essential to protecting margins and growing profits.

The Product Coster, powered by ImpactECS, is a cloud-based application designed to quickly calculate, analyze, share and maintain detailed, accurate, and actionable product cost results.

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Calculate Product Costs Calculate detailed product cost answers with user-defined attributes for materials, labor, and overhead spending at the individual product or SKU Level.

Run What-if Simulations Test how changing conditions like material substitutions or price changes, resource rate changes, or material and resource requirements affect product costs.

Generate Cost Estimates Select base products and update both attributes and values to quickly calculate the costs for new products, customer quotes, or changing product requirements.

Manage Raw Material Prices and Resource Rates Store and maintain raw material price lists, resource rates to allocate overhead spending, and sales prices to calculate contribution margin by product.

✓ Cloud-based Product Costing Rapidly deploy robust product cost models in the cloud, eliminating the issues that come from spreadsheet analytics.

✓ Centralized Model Data Pull together and maintain critical cost data in one location to improve data maintenance processes.  

✓ Versioning & Scenarios Generate, maintain and compare multiple cost sets to run detailed what-if product cost scenarios.  

✓ Easy Reporting Generate Excel-based reports and create views to share critical cost data across the company.  

✓ Collaboration & Security Provide access to users with role-based security to both secure data and track model activities.

Improve decisions with access to the details.

Stop basing critical business decisions on inadequate spreadsheets. Get access to summary cost and margin information for each SKU produced at a glance. Then, see the detailed cost results calculated using common cost categories like consumed/waste, fixed/variable, or cash/non-cash and custom attributes you define that are relevant to how your company makes decisions.

Run powerful simulations in a few clicks.

Turn any input or value into a simulation variant and unlock meaningful insights. Choose any of the four different simulation types - cost category, expense type, material or resource group, or a specific material or resource - and quickly determine the impact of the change. The Product Coster identifies the products that are affected by the change, re-rolls the cost values for those products, and provides results and how it compares to the baseline.  

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Build cost estimates from existing product data.

The Product Coster delivers more-accurate cost insights on products or orders that don't exist today. Start from scratch, or choose an existing product, enter a few key attributes and quickly generate estimates for new products or customer quotes. 

Ready to STOP SPREADSHEETING AROUND with your product costs?

Finance professional spend an average of 18 hours a month updating, consolidating, revising, modifying and correcting spreadsheets. Leave the busy work behind and learn how you can get access to meaningful cost results with the ImpactECS Product Coster.