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How Can You Become A Better CFO?

CFOs across the board are being challenged to stretch beyond their traditional finance roles to more strategic decision makers for their organization. These changes come from the advancements in technology, an increasingly mobile workforce and prioritizing a work/life balance in their company culture.

Start-up CFOs naturally wear many hats and work across several areas to create processes and procedures that will achieve success quickly. The nimble and entrepreneurial thinking that is necessary in getting a start-up off the ground can be beneficial to any finance executive if they are willing to change their mindset. In today’s fast changing marketplace, finance professionals should develop their roles with approaches from both the large-company and start-up models. A few qualities they should start to emulate are process but with purpose, risk minimization but with smart risk-taking, set goal but have flexibility in their approach, and a strong belief in their ideas but with pragmatic diplomacy.

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