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CFO Magazine: Prakash Hariharan: ‘CFOs Need to Have a Good Partner Ecosystem’

“However, we believe in order for you to be able to manage a problem like [inflation], you need to have the ability to make some forward-looking decisions coupled with a few scenarios. Think about scenario analysis as a method that organizations are now using to make flexible medium to long-term plans. You start with identifying one of your driving forces — it could be around revenue, cost, or margin — and then you identify the uncertainties within this broader objective, and then you develop models. And as the scenarios play out, you get to execute a set of predefined actions.

All of that requires you to get data insights across the enterprise, and maybe outside the enterprise as well. A few forward-looking statistical models. And as you learn more in terms of the evolving situation, you need to act — you need to hone in on one of the [levers] or scenarios that you can take a set of actions.”

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