Hostess Sweetens Their Costing and Profitability with ImpactECS

29 October 2018

Atlanta, GA


Hostess Sweetens Their Costing and Profitability with ImpactECS

Hostess Brands, a leader among the nation’s largest and best-known wholesale bakers and providers of fresh-baked bread and sweet goods, has selected ImpactECS as their enterprise-wide cost and profitability solution.

Hostess is headquartered in Kansas City, MO, operates 45 bakeries throughout the United States and delivers baked goods to supermarkets and convenience stores. The initial implementation will provide Hostess with an integrated cost and profitability solution with a robust cost budgeting and rate calculation system. The solution will deliver fully-loaded product costing and variance analysis, along with “what-if” simulation capabilities.

“We are thrilled to have a globally recognized brand like Hostess realize the benefits of integrating ImpactECS with SAP,” stated 3C Software President and CEO, Matthew Smith. “The opportunity to expand our reach to another industry leader solidifies our expertise in this market.”

About 3C Software
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