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Ignorance is No Longer Bliss for the Businesses Who Ignore Spreadsheet Risk

The urgency of modern data management is increasing for most organizations, yet many struggle with size and complexity and are uncertain about where and how to get started.  Data that is properly governed, timely, secure, and trustworthy lays the foundation that enables the entire organization to leverage the data for valuable insights. However, many C-level executives still make important business decisions based on spreadsheet data alone, which in turn exposes them to major financial risk. With limited tracking and security options, spreadsheets are a tailor-made environment for errors that can go forever undetected. This means that business leaders are running scenarios, calculating costs, and producing reports that are being used to make important decisions with the wrong information. To be successful and ultimately profitable, these businesses must reduce dependence on spreadsheets and invest in a robust and integrated system that can  turn data into answers. 

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