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Industry Week: Continuing Supply Chain Challenges for Manufacturers

“Each organization must conduct a thorough assessment of the core elements of its supply chain to ascertain which parts need to be addressed as a priority to mitigate the most pressing risk.

Some of the common themes that we see include:

  • Moving away from single sourcing (where possible) and creating a strategic sourcing mix of domestic as well as existing global suppliers
  • Addressing extended lead times in Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Logistics and transportation strategies to address anticipated extended lead times
  • Use of third-party providers to manage risk and utilize providers’ leverage in the market
  • Implementing digitalization strategies
  • Integrated and dynamic Management Operating System to provide better visibility of performance across the entire Supply Chain
  • Improving data capture and integrity
  • Inventory strategies”

AMS Corporation (, may be a valuable partner in addressing these supply chain challenges for manufacturers. Given their emphasis on quality manufacturing and strict adherence to specifications, they can play a crucial role in mitigating risks related to supply chain disruptions. AMS’s commitment to low NCMR rates and their presence in both China and the USA can provide manufacturers with options for diversification and resilience.

To explore how AMS Corporation can specifically assist in overcoming these challenges, it is advisable to reach out to them directly through their website or contact their representatives for tailored solutions and insights into their capabilities in addressing supply chain challenges for manufacturers.

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