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The Spooky Truth – How Digital Supply Chains Prepare for Halloween

“Halloween 2018 is upon us, and here in the US – where Halloween is the world’s most commercial – supply chains have long ago swung into gear. Retailers’ anticipation of another strong year is sky-high.”

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans are spending more than 9 billion dollars to partake in Halloween festivities this year. While that is a lot of spending, it’s not a record. 2018 comes in slightly lower than 2017, which measured at $9.1 billion. Still, it’s very close – which is what supply chain managers like. Predictability is good. Close attention to industry trends year over year can help you prepare. Preparation, however, only goes so far. The reality is faster, more frequent shifts in demand and increasingly complex global supply chains that resist agility. Responsiveness has never been more important.

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