3C Software Makes List of Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies

CIOTop20Enterprise_US-march-2014This month’s CIOReview highlights the top 20 most promising enterprise software companies, and we’re thrilled to be included in the list!

Check out the interview with 3C Software President & CEO, Matthew Smith, where he discusses the importance of including a robust cost and profitability enterprise solution in your overall technology footprint.

Excerpt from 3C Software: Catering to The Needs of Finance And Operations Leaders And Practitioners:

In today’s business environment, one way companies look to cut costs and increase profits is by deploying a high impact analysis process that provides access to detailed cost results. These answers drive business decisions like setting prices for products and services, removing non-value-added activities or adjusting production plans. The continuous “data drown” that many finance and operations teams face creates challenges with consolidating and analyzing data. Organizations are constantly looking for a solution that can address their ability to access the data they need to make informed decisions.

You can read the entire article in theĀ March Issue of CIOReview.