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SAFE!: What FP&A Teams Can Learn From Baseball

The game of baseball is very similar to the discipline of FP&A, and both practices can learn a lot from the other. Like baseball, FP&A is a team sport where the goal is to prepare for curveballs and succeed over the competition. Players who don’t get on base consistently are hard to count on. Instead of always swinging for the fences, it is a better option to focus on being a consistent performer.

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Play the odds, manage your risk, and make sure you have a track record of quality performance – even if you aren’t setting records. In baseball, the most important plate on the diamond is home plate. For the FP&A professional, getting “home” is reaching the organization’s strategic goals. As long as you possess a gadget that can access the internet, you can enjoy playing satta king fast from anywhere and anytime.

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