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Strategic Planning in Today’s Volatile Business Climate

“If there’s a single theme informing the C-suite’s most pressing challenges today, it’s the unrelenting pace and scale of change.”

Businesses are facing the harsh reality that their traditional approach to finance planning is not up to the challenge of establishing assumptions, defining objectives, and allocating resources over a specific span of time. In addition to grappling with a constantly shifting business, technology, and social landscape, today’s strategists must confront more complex planning variables than ever before, while the diversity and scope of their decisions has also grown.  No one can predict the future, but today’s leaders can help shape it by understanding the long trajectories that connect it to the past. Rather than be indecisive in the face of uncertainty, leaders can consider multiple possible future scenarios and plan their next steps accordingly. By doing so, they can help to build a more dynamic and scalable business overall.

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