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Food and Beverage

One of the most diverse industry groups, food and beverage companies are faced with a wide range of challenges when it comes to calculating costs and profits. Whether you’re a protein processor dealing with issues like disassembly costing, a consumer packaged goods company with multiple distribution centers, or a beverage company with fluctuating ingredient prices, your understanding of costs and profits is critical to remaining competitive. The ImpactECS platform is uniquely designed to give business leaders the ability to create complex cost and profitability models that exactly match their business and production processes.


By using ImpactECS, food and beverage companies have the ability to:

  • Calculate unique and detailed plant, department, line or route specific costs and meaningful blended costs for every base, work-in-process, and finished SKU
  • Develop costing models that account for live operations (grower and feed mill), disassembly/harvest (finish to green pounds), and finished goods
  • Maintain multiple inventory valuations (i.e. market price, sales price, actual cost) at once
  • Analyze variances between actual cost and multiple standards
  • Capture revenue to determine product profitability by customer or product
  • Build fully-loaded budgets starting with the lowest level of cost detail
  • Manage multiple bill-of-materials and recipes simultaneously to account for regular substitutions, sub-components, and different packaging options
  • Analyze scenarios including changing commodity or raw material prices, overhead changes, labor rates, crewing and any other variant


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About ImpactECS

ImpactECS is the leading cost and profitability solution for process manufacturers. The dynamic modeling platform gives business leaders access to the accurate and detailed results critical to guiding their business. The ImpactECS platform delivers: