Upcoming Webinars and Product Demos

Join our interactive demo series designed to help finance teams understand the different ways cost data drives performance. Each 30-minute session is packed with best practices and real-world examples of how organizations are creating a competitive advantage by focusing on costing.

#CostTalk Q+A: Your Guide to Implementing an Effective Costing System

When the time is right to reinvent your approach to costing, your level and speed to success depends on getting a few things right – establishing clear goals, gaining organizational buy-in, leveraging existing technology, and evaluating performance.

Check out our 30-minute #CostTalk Q+A session featuring Scott Adams – Director of Operations and Customer Success at 3C Software. He’ll discuss the focus areas to consider when creating your costing implementation roadmap. Hear industry-specific examples of the challenges faced by finance and technology teams and how to ultimately deliver meaningful cost data that can drive real improvements to the bottom line.

#CostTalk Q+A: Profitability Beyond Gross Margin

Whether you move products to your own facilities or run distribution channels that move goods to customer, recent events have shown how quickly supply chains can become disrupted and customer behaviors can change. Often companies are challenged with understanding costs below the gross margin line and miss opportunities to create profits, avoid losses, or compare scenarios to make the best decision.

Wrap up your day at our next #CostTalk Q+A session featuring Chris Backes – Senior Business Analyst and implementation leader at 3C Software. He’ll join the Q+A chat with Adrian Rochofski for a 30 minute discussion on the challenges large distributors and manufacturers face when analyzing complex supply chain and service costs. You’ll hear about the ways they established cost-to-serve and logistics analytics processes to reduce operating costs and identify profit opportunities.

Creating a Cost-Focused Culture

Manufacturers all have one thing in common – the need for an effective product costing process that delivers accurate and actionable results. Best-in-class finance teams are catapulting costing and cost transparency to the front of the list of strategic initiatives to transform their leaders’ ability to make decisions. If you’re struggling with the lack of ERP costing capabilities or overwhelmed with spreadsheets, you’ll find value in hearing how leading manufacturing companies have established robust product costing processes. This interactive discussion will highlight the three primary focus areas for product costing:

1. What is a strong costing culture and how do companies benefit?
2. Establishing costing as a competitive advantage to identifying opportunities and enabling strategies
3. Getting started on the path to better costing by defining the rules, tools, and data involved

#CostTalk Q+A: Using Product Costing to Guide Key Business Decisions

For manufacturing companies, product cost information cannot exist in a silo. To compete, costing must transition from a static activity that occurs on a laptop spreadsheet to a collaborative approach where the right cost data can uncover the best decisions.

Join the next #CostTalk Q+A session with our guest, Paul Naliwajka – 3C Software’s Manager of Application Practices. He’ll share some of his experiences helping manufacturing finance, commercial, and operations teams find ways to best leverage cost data for decisions around pricing, new product development, and profitability analysis.

#CostTalk Q+A: Best Practices for Quoting in Dynamic Manufacturing Environments

For engineer-to-order, contract, outsourced, or other complex environments, the quoting process is more elaborate than the traditional CPQ process of picking a combination of options, and calculating a price. It requires inventing BOMs, assigning routings, maintaining versions, managing workflows, exposing risks, and identifying trends.

Join our #CostTalk Q+A conversation with Gaurav Batra from 3C Software’s professional services and implementation team. He’ll discuss his experiences establishing integrated Cost-Based Quoting programs that align the pricing, operations, finance, commercial teams to efficiently deliver more consistent, accurate, and robust quotes.

Product Costing and Scenario Analysis

Knowing the unique cost of each product you make doesn’t have to become a spreadsheet exercise. Learn the questions to consider when evaluating your product costing program, and see the benefits of an integrated product costing platform that connects data and systems with your unique business rules.

Product Coster: Cloud-based Costing Solutions for Mid-Sized Manufacturers

Tired of struggling with spreadsheets to get good cost data? Unable to take on large-scale ERP or custom design projects that drain resources? There is another option to solve the challenge of calculating, analyzing and simulating product cost data.

Join this 30-minute webinar exploring the functionality of the Product Coster – a cloud-based tool powered by ImpactECS. See how to calculate and access detailed product cost answers, manage business rules and exceptions, and validate and report results.