ImpactECS connects your organization’s critical data to provide a powerful financial modeling platform centered on delivering value to your company’s bottom line.

7 Ways ImpactECS Works for You

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You need a global view of your company’s financial performance, and that includes visibility into the costs and profits resulting from your business operations. ImpactECS gives executives the ability to access operational financial performance company-wide or for business dimensions like division, product, geography, and customer. In addition, ImpactECS reduces the company’s dependence on user-defined applications and spreadsheets to eliminate challenges with the integrity, security and auditability of your financial results.

Detailed & Unique Costs

Building Budgets

Connecting Disparate Systems
Business Unit Leaders

Defining and enacting effective strategic plans and tactics to achieve your organization’s performance goals requires the tools and data necessary to identify root causes and variances. You also need tools to analyze scenarios and predict how changes in demand, materials, currencies or any other variable affects both costs and profits. ImpactECS delivers a fully-integrated financial modeling environment that connects with any existing ERP, financial, operations, or database systems.

Detailed & Unique Costs

Scenario Analysis Capabilities

Building Work Center Rates
Cost Accountants, Finance Managers and Analysts

Delivering the level of detailed analysis required to calculate, report and analyze costs and profits is a crushing process filled with countless spreadsheets. With an integrated, end-to-end platform like ImpactECS, you can eliminate standalone spreadsheets, retire legacy systems, and spend more time analyzing accurate and meaningful results.

Natural Cost Element Detail

Scenario Analysis Capabilities

Variance Analysis & Reporting

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