Tyson Foods


About Tyson Foods:

• $34 billion in sales (2013 estimate)
• One of the world’s largest poultry, beef and pork processors
• ImpactECS customer since 2008
• Current SAP customer

How Tyson uses ImpactECS:

The company established the “Manage by Variance” team focused on standard and actual costing for all of Tyson’s fresh and further processing operations.  With ImpactECS, Tyson foods has expanded their costing and profitability process to include the following:

•  Standard and actual costing for each unique product by plant, department, and line and blended costs for finished products
•  Detailed variance analysis between actual costs and multiple standard costs
•  Complex meat valuation (market price, sales price, actual cost) and yield metrics
•  Packaging and bill-of-materials management that account for regular substitutions, sub-components, and packaging options
•  Analyze scenarios including commodity price changes, raw materials prices, overhead changes, or any other variant
•  Integration to SAP and production systems


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