Customer Story: US Based Aluminum Products Manufacturer

With numerous manufacturing facilities across multiple continents, the metals fabricator was in the all-too-familiar bind of having many disparate finance and operations systems leading to a confused and weakened costing and profitability process. Their existing spreadsheet process lacked granularity and consistency and the four ERP systems made cost data integration challenging.

Implementing ImpactECS provided a platform that supports their new corporate structure and is flexible enough to shift as the company grows. End-to-end visibility into detailed cost answers give the finance team access monthly actual cost roll-up and variance results, offers full transparency, and establishes a global view of costs that delivers a multi-dimensional view of company performance.

Company Category
Leading Global Aluminum Producer and Recycler

Annual Revenue
$12.2 Billion

Year Founded

Atlanta, GA

Benefits of ImpactECS

With SAP, JD Edwards and Oracle ERP systems installed across various divisions of the company, ImpactECS was used to centralize costing business logic, assumptions, and data to calculate actionable results and reduce time spent on meaningless spreadsheet activities.

  • Calculate overhead for direct and indirect spending, allocate general ledger spending and products by cost center, and generate actual cost per unit for all WIP and finished goods SKUs at the plant and line level
  • Determine forecasting and actual contribution margin and net profit to generate financial and operational P&L statements for products, customers, business segments, and sub-segments
  • Run simulations to compare budget versions, actual performance, budget-to-actual, and other relevant wnat-if scenarios
  • Automate ETL processes to provide daily production and process cost reporting (including scrap, inventory and machine hours) for every region at the segment and sub-segment levels
  • Analyze contribution margin and net profits to create forecast estimates and calculate actual cost performance at the customer and product level
  • Calculate budgeted spending, allocations and work center rates based on historical trends and future assumptions in the general ledger and cost centers

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