Customer Story: US Based Protein Processing Company

Protein processing organizations have a unique set of challenges when it comes to costing and determined they needed a costing process that could accomplish four goals: (1) flex to accommodate the dynamics of ever-changing demand and shifting market prices, (2) scale to calculate unique costs for their large catalog of WIP and finished SKUs, (3) maintain visibility into BOM and routing costs across their network of processing facilities, and (4) combine disassembly and assembly costs in one model to unlock end to end cost visibility.

With the help of ImpactECS, the company was able to achieved a 6% positive impact on profits in the first year and projected to create a return 12 – 17 times the total investment associated with the purchase and implementation of the platform.

Company Category
Protein Processing

Annual Revenue
$43.18 Billion

Year Founded

United States


Benefits of ImpactECS

By establishing the “Manage by Variance” program, the company was able to calculate and compare standard and actual costs across the company’s 90+ fresh protein and further processing operations across the United States. The platform supported a wide range of costing and profitability analytics tools that allowed the team to focus on the variances that drive cost or create profit opportunities:

  • Calculate standard and actual costing for each unique product by plant, department, and line and blended costs for finished products
  • Evaluate detailed variance analysis between actual costs and multiple standard costs
  • Perform complex meat valuation (market price, sales price, actual cost) and yield metrics
  • Manage packaging and bill-of-materials that account for regular substitutions, sub-components, and packaging options
  • Analyze scenarios including commodity price changes, raw materials prices, overhead changes, or any other variant
  • Integrate with SAP and production systems to create a central repository of cost answers

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