Customer Story: US Based Toy Manufacturer

This global toy company works with a vast and complex network of vendors, suppliers, and contract manufacturers to turn their ideas into fun for kids. Their highly seasonal business along with multiple iterations of product design creates a challenging environment to quickly and accurately calculate costs. Their quoting process – enabled by spreadsheets – was bogged down with manual, disjointed activities and distrust of cost estimates that created blind spots for both the internal team and their vendor partners.

With ImpactECS, the company established a quoting that centralized BOM cost and historical quote data, provided accurate product cost answers, standardized quoting activities across departments, and improved communications and negotiations with vendors.

Company Category
US-Based Toy Manufacturer

Annual Revenue
$550 Million

Year Founded

Los Angeles, CA

The revamped quoting process powered by ImpactECS reduced the risks associated with inaccurate costing and inefficient processes by providing a robust, web-based quote management tool that brought together vendors, internal cost managers, and executive leadership. Ultimately, the company was able to eliminate the data silos that existed in the organization and opened up the pathway to better negotiated agreements with their vendors.

Benefits of ImpactECS

  • Establish a centralized master data set (plastic resin, fabric, electronics, metal, purchased parts, machines, labor, and packaging) including internal prices and rates created for each season and region
  • Maintain standard BOMs per toy and provide access to current design specs in real-time to track changes for all versions and levels
  • Access dashboards and results for each decision level in the toy creation process (individual cost sheet, component cost, cost summary, and corporate) for quick access to estimate details for each open RFQ
  • Facilitate a timely and robust communications channel between internal groups to create a more efficient quote approval process

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