Detailed Data Drives Profitability.

With so many factors that impact distribution—transportation, logistics, warehousing—how do you know that the costs associated with a particular collection of products are accurate? And, when do you adjust costs before products reach their final destinations? What if we told you that with the right insight, you could accurately forecast costs and drive profitability?

Gaining a clearer picture of your actual costs takes data—lots of data—and the right technology to turn that data into valuable insight. That’s where ImpactECS comes in.

ImpactECS by 3C Software plugs into your system and accounts for every detail within your distribution network. From the fluctuating cost of importing and exporting goods to optimizing the way your products get in stores and on the shelf—you get complete transparency into all aspects of your business. With ImpactECS, you gain the insight to accurately forecast costs and experience greater profitability.

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