ImpactECS is Part of Graduate Research Study at Ecole Polytechnic

The Journal of Science and Technology for Forest Products and Processes recently published “Development of an Operations-Driven Cost Model for Continuous Processes Part II: Retrofit Process Design Application” that discusses methodologies to evaluate capital spending opportunities for paper companies.  3C Software’s very own Paul Naliwajka has worked closely with the Ecole Polytechnic’s NSERC Environmental Design Engineering Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering for a number of years to help them build complex models using ImpactECS to perform their analysis.  Our thanks to Matty Janssen and Paul Stuart from Ecole Polytechnic for their continued support of our product.

Article Abstract:
Pulp and paper companies need new methodologies to evaluate capital spending opportunities using improved cost models and available cost and process data. This paper presents an application of the operations-driven cost model presented in Part I (Laflamme-Mayer, M., Janssen, M., Stuart, P., Journal of Science & Technology for Forest Products and Processes, 1:1 (2011)) to a retrofit design case study defined at an existing integrated newsprint mill. The paper outlines the structure of the cost model and discusses its application to the analysis of a set of design alternatives. The operations-driven cost modelling approach significantly increases the granularity and transparency of the results obtained from a techno-economic study and permits the examination of critical design variables and operating variants.