Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies face significant cost and profitability challenges from raw material cost fluctuations, complicated product recipes, expanding global competition, and regulatory and compliance issues. ImpactECS connects existing data and systems to calculate detailed product costs and variances, determine profits by product or customer, run simulations for planning, analyze supply chains, or other important analytics activities.

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Connect existing data from ERP and finance systems, manufacturing systems, data warehouses, or wherever data lives in your organization with business rules and assumptions to calculate the answers needed to both understand past performance and predict future outcomes with ImpactECS.

Industry Sectors

Specialty Chemicals
Commodity Chemicals
Life Sciences
Consumer Products
Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

With ImpactECS, chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies can:

  • Calculate detailed product costs for the same SKU by plant, time period, lot, batch, packaging type or any other variant
  • Calculate line or route specific costs and meaningful blended costs based on the most appropriate driver
  • Manage detailed BOMs or recipes including all variations and substitutions that could drive a different cost
  • Value by-products and co-products and assign cost either by crediting market price or absorbing a percentage of cost to the primary product
  • Analyze multiple cost scenarios based on changes in material, process or equipment, regulation and compliance requirements, shelf life, potency or any other variable
  • Integrate tightly with ERP/finance, shop floor MES and process control systems
  • Capture revenue information to determine product and customer profitability at multiple levels

ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling platform that gives you access to the accurate and detailed cost and profitability results critical to guiding your business.


Chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies use ImpactECS to handle:


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