In order to protect margins, you must have a deep understanding of the complexity and variability across the different silos that make up  your supply chain. With ImpactECS, you can create highly structured models that collect, organize and calculate the critical data that determine overall profitability.

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With ImpactECS, you can:

  • Calculate transparent, detailed cost and profit results at all levels – corporate, division, channel, customer, product or other segment
  • Analyze scenarios by adjusting or ‘flexing’ any characteristics of the product or customer
  • Calculate costs and profits using a variety of approaches including activity-based costing, time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC), allocations, or any other methodology or hybrid approach
  • Assign costs based on time, consumption, labor, facilities, transportation, customer characteristics, orders, product and vendors
  • Include a variety of revenue and cost-of-goods-sold adjustments such as trade funding in the profit buildup
  • Perform comparative analysis of costs and profits at all levels of the organization
  • Support initiatives like SKU rationalization, cost-to-serve pricing and compliance, menu-based pricing, customer bids and negotiations and vendor negotiations

ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling platform that gives you access to the accurate and detailed cost and profitability results critical to guiding your business.

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