Financial Services & Insurance

In the financial services industry, you must measure, analyze and predict performance in a highly voluminous transactional environment.  Determining profitability is challenging because the majority of costs are indirect and involve activities provided by supporting departments.  With ImpactECS, you can model cost and profitability of both the front and back office to balance overall company performance amidst constant change.

Industry Sectors

Retail Banking
Investment Banking


With ImpactECS, you can:

  • Assign detailed costs based on the consumption of time, labor, facilities and capital, as well as the characteristics of products, services or customers
  • Measure and evaluate profitability at all levels – corporate, product, channel, segment and more
  • Calculate cost and profits using activity-based costing (ABC), time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC), allocations, or any other option or combination
  • Perform comparative analysis of costs and profits at all levels of the organization
  • Analyze scenarios by adjusting or ‘flexing’ any characteristics of the product or customer

About ImpactECS

ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling platform that gives you access to the accurate and detailed cost and profitability results critical to guiding your business.

Solutions for Financial Services & Insurance Companies:

  • Cost-to-Serve
  • Profitability
  • Shared Services & IT Chargebacks
  • Variance Analysis
  • Planning & Scenario Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis

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