The healthcare industry is facing dramatic changes and providers are shifting to a value-based approach to care.  This realignment requires that providers move from using cost estimates to calculating detailed costs that account for the full cycle of care.  ImpactECS connects existing data and systems to calculate detailed, end-to-end costs at the lowest level of granularity for all clinical and non-clinical activities.

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Connect existing data from ERP and finance systems, operations systems, data warehouses, or wherever data lives in your organization with business rules and assumptions to calculate the answers needed to both understand past performance and predict future outcomes with ImpactECS.

Industry Sectors

Physician Groups & Practices
Diagnostic & Medical Laboratories

With ImpactECS, healthcare companies can:

  • Calculate detailed costs by medical condition, patient/patient category, provider, procedure, service line, and facility
  • Create scorecards that combine the most critical components of every treatment – outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost
  • Identify which locations, departments or services are profitable
  • Simulate the effects of changing costs of materials and services on overall profitability

ImpactECS is a dynamic modeling platform that gives you access to the accurate and detailed cost and profitability results critical to guiding your business.


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