Pulp and Paper

Volume driven industries like paper manufacturing are focused on managing the margins to improve profits. Every penny counts, so paper companies turn to ImpactECS to get precise results when calculating grade costs.

Grade Costs

Paper manufacturing is a complex process. For example, a recipe used to produce a roll of a specific grade is often unique to both the product and the machine used. Converting and finishing steps are vastly different processes from the paper machine and the result is an exploded list of finished goods that each has its own unique cost. ImpactECS can calculate detailed grade costs with its flexible design that can model multiple production environments, track detailed recipes, and scale to handle a large product catalog.

Growth through Acquisition

Much of the growth for large paper companies has spawned from the many mergers and acquisitions over the past decade. Combining companies also requires combining systems and methodologies that generally do not match. ImpactECS can integrate with any commercial or proprietary ERP, MES, or database systems to serve as a common costing platform.

Mill Performance

There are a number of variables that affect paper manufacturing beyond its complexity. Pulp prices and energy costs fluctuate seasonally, requiring adjustments to sales prices to maintain profitability. Paper machines are notoriously unpredictable which can lead to large amounts of broke that must be accounted for in the costing process. Outside elements like these and others significantly impact performance, and these fluctuations must be reflected in the grade cost.

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