In the semiconductor industry, there are companies that build, companies that outsource, and companies that do both. Regardless of the business approach, ImpactECS can provide an detailed view of manufacturing costs that will improve the company’s ability to achieve and maintain profitability.

Product Costing

Calculating costs at the work center level is the primary costing activity for semiconductor manufacturers. ImpactECS builds or collects rate information and joins it with inventory throughput and spending data to calculate costs at each work center. Work center costs are then aggregated based on the product’s specifications to provide detailed work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods product costs. ImpactECS has tools to manage parent-child relationships within the models allowing users to drill-down and access explicit cost information for each product produced.

Inventory Valuation

The dynamic nature of the semiconductor market requires that companies maintain multiple inventory accounts to track the value of products on hand and in production. A few of the inventory accounts managed by ImpactECS includes:

  • Research and Development
  • Demand
  • Lower Cost to Market

Subcontractor/Vendor Management

Building a subcontractor cost model with ImpactECS assists companies that outsource some or all of their production to develop budgets, forecast performance, and value inventory in one centralized system.

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