Premium Standard Farms Manages Product P&Ls with Impact:ECS

2 March 2005
Atlanta, Georgia

As the second largest pork producer in the US, Premium Standard Farms is focused on the goal of maintaining its position as a high-quality, low-cost producer. By signing an enterprise license agreement with 3C Software to implement the Impact:ECS Enterprise Cost System, the company is closer to achieving its goal. 3C Software consultants will work directly with Premium Standard’s project team to deliver a fully-integrated costing solution.

The company became interested in Impact:ECS during its search to identify a costing system that could meet the rigorous requirements of the newly enacted Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Installing Impact:ECS will allow Premium Standard to establish, document and maintain controls for their vertically-integrated production process. They can take advantage of integrated system tools like the Model Audit feature to meet the Sarbanes-Oxley rules.

The project slated for the plants in Milan, MO and Clinton, NC will supply their cost managers with a common and consistent approach to calculating product costs. The engagement will deliver the ability to calculate detailed costs and produce profit and loss results by individual product. With the complexities of costing for both disassembly and further-processing tasks, Impact:ECS will provide the tools to model exactly how costs are accumulated at each facility. This expansive view into production costs will allow Premium Standard’s finance and business leaders to make more informed operations, sales and marketing decisions.

3C Software CEO Matthew Smith is enthusiastic about the opportunity to establish best-in-class solutions for cost management in the pork processing industry. “By now having the number one and two pork processors in the US as clients, we are exposing the importance of effective cost management tools for the industry,” shared Smith.

About 3C Software
3C Software, developers of Impact:ECSâ„¢ and Impact:3C®, was founded in 1989 and is a leader in detailed cost management systems for process manufacturers. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, 3C Software serves clients in several manufacturing industries including automotive, textile and apparel, pulp and paper, semiconductor, chemical and rubber, and food and beverage. 3C Software’s rapidly implemented solutions work with all accounting methods, are simple to maintain, and handle unlimited calculations and variables. For more information about 3C Software, visit or call 800-226-2036.