ImpactECS Online: Product Cost App

Manufacturing finance leaders are constantly asked the tough questions… and providing useful and actionable answers requires a clear understanding of costs. The Product Cost Application powered by ImpactECS Online is a configurable, cloud-based system that enables you to calculate and maintain detailed, unique product cost models online.

Things you can do with the Product Cost App

✓ Calculate Product Costs
Calculate detailed product costs for each unique product and variation using logic and rules that are relevant to your business.

✓ Manage Bills-of-Material and Recipes
Input, store and maintain all of your material lists, recipes and BOMs, including scrap, retention and yield rate details, in one place.

✓ Calculate Routing and Production Costs
Calculate detailed costs by production step or work center for each routing using machine times and efficiencies, setup and change-over times, and other data.

✓ Manage Raw Material Prices and Resource Rates
Store and maintain raw material or commodity price lists for your production inputs and assign resource rates to allocate spending to products.

✓ Run What-if Scenarios
Test the impact of changes to your business with scenarios for raw material substitutions or price changes, resource rate changes, new product introductions, or material and resource requirements.

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