ImpactECS Version 7.3

The latest release of ImpactECS is fully focused on improved system performance and new integration tools to directly access SAP data and to connect with Oracle databases easier.

Release Highlights

64-bit Applications
All ImpactECS applications are now available in 64-bit versions. This allows for better performance by increasing the memory available to each application.

SAP Integration
SAPConnectionThe new SAP Adapter allows developers to seamlessly integrate ImpactECS models with their existing SAP systems. Previously SAP integration solutions relied upon outside processes staging data in normalized database tables. Now model builders can invoke BAPIs directly on their SAP systems using Queries and Script Modules. This allows developers to customize their solutions to work in an automated or on-demand fashion.  Learn more about the SAP Integration feature on the blog post Accessing SAP Data with ImpactECS.

Oracle Instant Client
The ImpactECS Enterprise Server now includes an Oracle instant client for connecting to Oracle databases. This feature eliminates the need to install and configure the Oracle client separately. Additionally, the Oracle instant client ensures that a compatible Oracle client (64-bit vs 32-bit) is always available.

File Uploads
Users now have the ability to upload files directly to the ImpactECS Server. This functionality enables programmers to provide a wide range of integration solutions such as automatically importing Excel Workbooks directly into ImpactECS Items. Previously these types of solutions required IT involvement to setup and manage Windows shared directories. Now programmers can simplify this process by leveraging Impact’s existing security context.

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