ImpactECS Version 7.4

The new features and functionality of ImpactECS version 7.4 are focused on data handling and performance. From visualization tools like Dashboards, to support of in-memory databases, our latest releaseĀ has a great set of features to enhance models and their capabilities.

Release Highlights

Visualize data using charts, gauges, pivot tables and more. ImpactECS Dashboards are a new report type designed to support analytics by offering graphical capabilities to quickly relay critical data with drill-down capabilities investigate root causes.

ImpactECS version 7.4 - Dashboard Map

SAP HANA Database Support
In addition to Microsoft SQL and Oracle relational databases, ImpactECS version 7.4 will include support for SAPĀ® HANA in-memory databases. By leveraging the performance advantage of in-memory databases, ImpactECS models can handle more data and run more simulations faster.

Improved Query Support
To analyze scenarios faster and move data quickly, ImpactECS version 7.4 offers improved query support including asynchronous query processing, an improved user interface, and the ability to use queries as ad-hoc reports.

New System Methods and Events
The growing library of system methods and events give model builders more tools to improve ease-of-use of models. New events for ImpactECS version 7.4 include the ability to attach files and images to cost objects (System.GetFileFromClient), loading data like BOMs or routings from an external system (System.OnOpenItems), and automatically applying query or report parameters (System.OpenItemWith Context).

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