SAP and ImpactECS for Manufacturers

sap impactecs manufacturersA 2015 survey from Ventana Research noted that “companies are spending twice as much time handling data than analyzing it”¹.  At manufacturers with mature SAP implementations, business leaders and finance professionals are finding gaps in their analytical capabilities that make it difficult to calculate meaningful cost and profit detail, share and audit results, and analyze scenarios. CFO’s focused on profit growth need to identify the best set of technology required to support their analytical processes without turning to stop-gap options like spreadsheets or expensive SAP customization projects.

What we’ve discovered is that finance and operational leaders are typically working to improve one or more of these three areas:

1. Ability to build budgets and set standard costs
2. Visibility into variances and their drivers
3. Ability to forecast how changing conditions affects profitability

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ImpactECS is designed to augment your existing IT architecture by providing a robust platform to provide end-to-end visibility into your cost and profitability processes.  The eBook highlights different manufacturing verticals that benefit from enterprise costing and profitability analytics and the TOP 8 REASONS why SAP customers choose add ImpactECS to their IT environment.  Finally, we’ll introduce you to ImpactECS and share a few examples of how to build and maintain cost and profitability models on the platform.

¹ “Next Generation Finance Analytics Benchmark Research”, 2015